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Fifty Year members
The members listed below will all celebrate their fiftieth year of Holstein Association USA membership in 2019. Congratulations!

Joe Airosa, CA
Neil H. & Ruth C. Baxter, PA
Ronald Beeler, OR
John Slocum Bennett, PA
Lawson D. Bennett, MI
Roger E. Borgwardt, WI
Dale R. Chapin, NY
Duane W. Conant, ME
John D. & Helen M. Cope, PA
Douglas D. Crowell, NY
Glenn & Dolores Daugherty, PA
Joseph C. Dell Jr., NY
Dale E. & Darla L. Doll, PA
Glen Dreier, WI
Walter E. Faryna, NY
Edwin J. Genasci, CA
Greenmonte Farms Inc., WI
George Grossi, CA
Glenn C. Hershey, PA
Wilbur A. Kenneth R. Donald F. &
   Richard M. Hoeing, IN
Dan Hollingsworth III, MD
Frederick W. Huneke, NY
Gary Janssen, IL
Donald G. Jolliff, IN
Delbert & Nell Kamerman, MT
Gene A. Knackstedt, KS
James Leo Kraus, WI
David H. Lewis, NY
Richard C. Lewis, OH
Kevin J. Lyons, IL
Maple Lawn Farms Inc., MD
John A. Mehling, NY
La Verne G. Moser, PA
Stephen M. Nelson, WI
Kenton S. Patchen, NY
Delmar H. Plank, WI
Stan Poncia, CA
Edward J. Rouse, NY
Clifford E. Scheibe, OH
Robert Schwandt, WI
Ed Skora, WI
Edward L. Sommers, FL
Annette M. Sullivan, NY
Thomas E. Stanley & Sons Inc., VA
Dennis R. Thompson, WI
Donald B. Thorn, NY
Gerald Todd, TN
Dennis V. Traeger, NE
Glenn Ubbelohde, WI
Stephen J. Vanco, PA
Steven D. Watts, OH
Carl Werner, WI
Whitelyn Farms Inc., MD
Lynn E. & Geraldine L. Wolf, PA
Robert A. Wolfe, WI
Francis W. Wood, NY