National Junior Prepared Public Speaking Contest

The Prepared Public Speaking Contest encourages youth to
research a topic that they are interested in relating to Holstein
cattle or the dairy industry, and helps to develop important public speaking, poise, and self-confidence in participants.

Entries are due to the Holstein USA office by May 1.

You may print an entry form, or enter using the form below.

Please read the complete Rules and Regulations
for the Prepared Public Speaking contest before entering.

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 Score Sheet  Awards


  To be eligible to compete in the National Prepared Public Speaking Contest, the individual must be a Junior Member of Holstein Association USA.
  Completed application form must be received by May 1.
  States with over 1,000 Junior members may enter a total of nine speech contestants. States with over 400 Junior members may enter six contestants in the contest. States with less than 400 Junior members may enter three contestants in the contest. Membership counts will be conducted on January 1 each year. States may choose how they wish to divide their allotted number of contestants among the age divisions. Age division breakdowns are as follows:

Junior 9 to 13 years old as of January 1 in the year competing
Intermediate 14 to 17 years old as of January 1 in the year competing
Senior 18 to 21 years old as of January 1 in the year competing



First Place winners will not be eligible to compete again in the age division of which they have already won. Contestants that have not won a division may participate for as long they are eligible for competition. It is the responsibility of each state to select their representatives.


Contestants may choose any subject pertaining to Holstein cattle and the Holstein industry. For subject matter we wish to encourage exploration and understanding of any and all entities of the dairy industries, emphasizing the Holstein's role. Current policies, affairs and trends in the industry are suitable topics.

Time Limit

In the Senior Division: Each presentation should be a minimum of eight minutes and a maximum of ten minutes. In the Intermediate Division: Each speech shall be a minimum of six minutes and a maximum of eight minutes. In the Junior Division: Each speech shall be a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of five minutes. Each contestant will be allowed five minutes in which the judging committee will ask questions relating to his or her speech. Deductions will be made from the score of each judge for speeches that are under the time limit or over the time limit in length.


The National Junior Holstein Association Prepared Public Speaking Contest is designed to develop the ability of all members to express themselves on a chosen subject in the required amount of time. The event will be held in connection with the National Junior Holstein Convention.


  Speaking order will be randomly drawn by event officials. The event officials shall introduce each participant by name and in order of the drawing. All contestants must report to the holding room 5 minutes before speech time.
  Three competent and impartial judges will be selected by committee to judge the contest.
  A contestant will be permitted to use notes while speaking, but deductions in scoring may be made for this practice if it detracts from the effectiveness of the presentation. Applause shall be withheld until all participants have spoken.
  Senior division competitors will be allowed to use visual aids including posters, display boards, PowerPoint, etc. A LCD projector with remote slide changer and screen will be provided. Contestants may bring either their own laptop with HDMI port or a thumb drive with their presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Wireless Internet will not be provided. Contestants will be given a 2 minute time frame to set up audio visual needs. If a contestant goes over the 2 minute set up time frame they will receive a score of zero for delivery.
  No visual aids will be allowed in the Junior and Intermediate divisions of this contest - this includes posters and costumes.
  A timekeeper shall be designated who will record the time by each contestant in delivering his or her speech, noting undertime or overtime, if any, for which deductions will be made. The timekeeper will indicate when 30 seconds remain by holding up a timecard.
  A maximum of five minutes will be allotted at the completion of speech for judges to ask questions. Each contestant will be scored on his or her ability to answer questions by all judges.

When all contestants have finished speaking, each judge will total their scores for each speech. The three judges scores combined will determine the final placings.



Response to Questions

Score Sheet

The contest will be judged on the following criteria - number in parenthesis is maximum points possible for each category.

 Provides an adequate amount of information relating to topic with substantial message
 Material and information presented is factual, understood and well-researched
  Presented with a purpose to entertain, inform. Persuade or obtain action
  Speech is organized containing an introduction, body & conclusion with main points and transitions
  Correct sentence structure & proper language and grammar used
  Demonstrates creativity & originality
  Material presented developed by the speaker
  Skillful use of facts engaging the audience with examples, descriptions & analogies
  Develops a rapport with audience
  Easy to listen to and appealing presentation style
  Conveyance of thought & meaning
  Enthusiasm & conversational attitude
  Articulate, good use of emphasis & volume
  Confident poise & posture, makes eye contact and hand gestures used in good taste
  Personal appearance
  Appropriate use of visual aids (Senior division only)
Response to Questions
  Demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of subject matter
  Answers questions accurately and demonstrates originality
  Quickly organizes thoughts & expresses them clearly
Time Deductions
  Contestants will receive a 30 second grace period over or under the allotted time before deductions are taken. Any time over/under 31 to 45 seconds will receive a 10 point deduction. Any time over/under 46 to 60 seconds will receive a 20 point deduction.


Winners will be announced at the Junior Awards Luncheon during the National Junior Holstein Convention. Cash Awards will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each age division:

1st Place $200.00
2nd Place $100.00
3rd Place $50.00