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Top Ranking Animal Lists ©2015 Holstein Association USA, Inc.
High Ranking Sire Report PDF file (April 2015)pdf
High Ranking Sire Report (April 2015)
High Ranking Genomic Young Bulls
       High Ranking Genomic Young Bulls (April 2015) Excel file
       High Ranking Genomic Young Bulls (April 2015) PDF file
Top 100 TPI® International Bulls (April 2015)
      (Sire Summaries or Red Book Plus/MultiMate subscribers)
Top 100 TPI® Bulls (April 2015)
Top 100 TPI® Bulls PDF filepdf
Top 200 TPI® Genomic Young Bulls PDF filepdf
bullet Top 100 TPI® Daughter Proven Plus Bulls PDF filepdf
  Top 50 Bulls Lists (April 2015):

Top 50 Bulls for Expected Future Inbreeding (April 2015)
Top 100 TPI® Bulls With 97% Rel. for Milk and Type (April 2015)
Top 100 TPI® Red or RC Genomic Young Bulls (April 2015)
Red and Red Carrier Bulls (April 2015)
Top 100 TPI Polled Bulls (April 2015)
Top 100 GTPI Females (April 2015)
Top 100 CTPI Females (April 2015)
High Ranking Low Reliability Bulls (April 2015)
Active, Less Than 70% Reliability Bulls (April 2015)


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