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Annual Fee

bullet $100......Herd Fee
bullet $15.50...per cow for the 1st - 50th Registered cow*
bullet $10.50...per cow for the 51st - 200th Registered cow*
bullet $ 8.50....per cow for the 201st - 1,000th Registered cow*
bullet $ 6.50....per cow for the 1,001+ Registered cows*
*Enrollment based on all Registered cows in milking herd. No Refunds.

Standard Services Included

bullet One National membership
bullet Registration of heifers less than three months of age*
bullet Internet Pedigrees
(Three generation)
bullet TriStarSM Premier
bullet Choice of Sire Summaries or Red Book Plus/MultiMate™ software
bullet One Area Classification each year
(Classic, Standard, or Limited option)
bullet $25 price cap on registration fees for females greater than 12 months of age*
*Registrations and internet pedigrees are included up to the number of animals enrolled. Regular fees apply for additional purposes. A $25 price cap applies to the main account - associated accounts must have state and national memberships to be eligible for price cap.

Additionally, Holstein COMPLETE herds receive a 5% discount on all genomic tests ordered! Learn more about genomic testing options.

Optional Services

bullet Bull registration at $6/bull if registered at less than 3 months of age
bullet Pedigrees at the time of ID
(or redeemable pedigree coupon on that animal) for $2
bullet Regular registration fees reduced to $6 for heifers 3-5 months of age

   and to $14 for heifers 6-11 months of age

Click here to read more about the COMPLETE Program

Registration Fees
Age at Registration State & National Member National Member Non-Member
Under 3 months* $10.00 $18.00 $30.00
3-5 months* $15.00 $21.00 $40.00
6-11 months $25.00 $35.00 $50.00
12-23 months $40.00 $55.00 $70.00
24+ months $55.00 $80.00 $110.00
Dead (female only) $15.00 $15.00 $15.00
*$1.00 discount per animal for registration applications submitted using official Holstein Tag ID and EASY Application Software for animals under 6 months of age.
Rush Registration Service Fees

  Under 6 months of age (per application)
  Over 6 months of age (per application) $20.00

Other Services

  Basic ID
Animals identified with Basic ID are not eligible for Holstein Association programs, recognitions or Official Holstein Pedigrees™
  Cattle Identification Database (CID)
Records breed composition and performance data for any breed
or a combination of breeds
  Application for Registration by Telephone (service fee per application) $5.00
  Change of Animal Name (Limited only as dictated by Bylaws) $20.00
  Duplicate Certificates $10.00
  To attach actual photographs to certificate $5.00
  Genomic Corrected Certificate $10.00

Start-Up Program

    National Member Non-Member
  Under 3 months $10.00 $30.00
  3 months and older $15.00 $40.00
  Elevating Ancestor Status $10.00 $20.00

Canadian Re-registration Fees

  1-24 animals       $20 each
  25-49 animals     $15 each
  50+ animals        $10 each
  Application to transfer and re-register an animal registered by Holstein Canada must first be submitted to Holstein Canada for the transfer to be recorded in the Canadian herdbook and is subject to Canadian transfer fees. Holstein Canada records the transfer and forwards the Canadian certificate to Holstein Association USA for re-registration. To qualify for volume discounts, the minimum number of transfers/re-registrations to one buyer must be received from Holstein Canada at the same time.

Regular Transfers

  Within 30 days of sale $10.00
  Within 31 to 60 days of sale $12.50
  Over 60 days $15.00
  "No Sale" Within-Family Transfer*
*Seller must be a National Member. Must provide date of transfer.
  Three Generation Pedigree with Regular or Family Transfer*
*Seller must be a National Member. Must provide date of transfer.
  Rush Transfer Service Fee per application $10.00
  Phone-In Transfer Service Fee per transfer $5.00
  Transfer of Embryos per transfer
One transfer will cover all embryos from one recovery going to the same buyer on the same date.

Whole Herd Update

  If all the animals in an ownership are being transferred to another single ownership, the fees will be lesser of the regular transfer fee, or the following fees.
  Family $100.00  
  Non-Family First 200 animals $100 + $2.00/animal
    201-1,000 $1.50/ animal
    1001-3,000 $1.00/animal
    Animals 3,001+ No Charge

With the above fees, the certificates of registration are NOT updated with new owners' names (though it is reflected in the database and correct ownership would be printed on any subsequent certificates, pedigrees, or other performance products issued). The fee to update certificates of registration is an additional $1.00 per animal.

Partial Herd Update

  If anything less than the whole herd is being transferred to one buyer at one time, the fees will be the lesser of the regular transfer fee or the following:
  Family $100 + $1.50 per animal  
  Non-Family $100 + $4.00 per animal  
  Printed updated certificates $1.00 per animal  
Application Forms

  Individual applications for registration or transfer of ownership are supplied free of charge.

Junior Leasing Program

  Junior Lease Fee..................$20.00

Embryo Transfer Animals (in addition to registration fee)

  Certificate of Embryo Export (base fee) $30.00

Identification Software

  EASY ID™ Electronic Application SystemFREE


  In-house (admin. fee)
$50.00 + $1.00/animal  
  Customer File $1.00/animal  

Genetic Testing Services

Genomic Testing Options
Updated September 28, 2018
U.S. Customers Regular Enlight® Holstein COMPLETE® COMPLETE + Enlight®
CLARIFIDE® Low-Density SNP Test $46 $42.50 $43.70 $39.50
CLARIFIDE® PlusLow-Density SNP Test + Dairy Wellness Traits* n/a $47 n/a $43
CLARIFIDE® Ultra PlusHigh-Density SNP Test + Dairy Wellness Traits* n/a $86 n/a $79
Wellness Trait Upgrade for Previously CLARIFIDE®-Tested Animals n/a $13 n/a $11

*CLARIFIDE® Plus products which include Dairy Wellness Traits may only be ordered through Enlight®. Click here to learn more about the CLARIFIDE® Plus products.
CLARIFIDE® is a registered trademark of Zoetis LLC.

International Customers Price      
Geneseek® Genomic Profiler Bovine 30K (GGP-LD) $58*      
Geneseek® Genomic Profiler Ultra High-Density Bovine 150K (GGP-HD) $135*      
*Plus Foreign Basic ID fee of $10 or registration fee
GeneSeek® is a registered trademark of Neogen Corporation.

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) may assess additional evaluation fees on top of the cost of the genomic test, dependent on the amount and type of data a dairy producer is contributing to the U.S. national genetic evaluation system. In general, most Holstein COMPLETE herds will qualify for Total Program pricing, which is $0 additional for females, and $15 additional fee for males, billed at the time the genomic test is ordered. Click here to learn more about Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding fees.

Additional Genetic Testing

Official Genetic Conditions Ordered with
Genomic Test
Ordered Separate
from a Genomic Test
Brachyspina $20 n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
BLAD (Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency) Included n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
Cholesterol Deficiency Included n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
Coat Color (Recessive Red & Dominant Red) Included $25
CVM (Complex Vertebral Malformation) $30 $40
DUMPS (Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase) Included n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
Mulefoot Haplotype Provided n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
Polled/Horned $30 or Included with
n/a — See Dairy
Breeding Stock Panel
Milk Proteins Ordered with
Genomic Test
Ordered Separate
from a Genomic Test
Beta Casein A2 $5 n/a — See Milk Protein Bundle
Beta Lactoglobulin Included n/a — See Milk Protein Bundle
Kappa Casein Included n/a — See Milk Protein Bundle
Bundled Genetic Condition Testing Ordered with
Genomic Test
Ordered Separate
from a Genomic Test
Igenity® Milk Proteins Bundle (A2 beta casein, beta casein AB, kappa casein, and beta-lactoglobulin) n/a $25
Igenity Dairy Breeding Stock Panel (milk proteins, horned/polled, and Haplotypes Impacting Fertility 1 through 5) n/a $50
Igenity Dairy Recessive Panel (brachyspina, BLAD, DUMPS, citrullinemia, cholesterol deficiency and mulefoot) n/a $55
Other Testing Ordered with
Genomic Test
Ordered Separate
from a Genomic Test
Citrullinemia Included n/a — See Dairy
Recessive Panel
Factor XI Included Call for details
Freemartin Testing (requires blood sample) Call for details Call for details

*Prices may vary depending on program enrollment and genetic testing lab used.

For more information about genetic conditions click here.

Parentage Testing Services

Holstein USA offers parentage verification services for the many needs that may arise on a dairy farm, including bulls, dams of bulls, donor dams, embryo transfer calves and parentage determination when ID questions arise. To learn more about your options and decide which test is right for your situation, contact the Quality Assurance department.

SNP Parentage Verification $46      
Microsattelite Parentage Testing $45      
Learn more in this Holstein Pulse article, "Demystifying Parentage Verification Requirements"

Other Services

Embryo Export Certificates, with related genotypes $30    
Special Export Documents including Recessive Statements $20    


Tag ID
Holstein Association ID Tag Prices
Ink Jet/Laser Tags (per set), referenced by Female Tag Types
Pricing Effective January 1, 2020

Standard ID Tag

Maxi (with large or button male)
1-49 50-99 100-499 500-1,999 2,000+
$1.72 $1.62 $1.51 $1.41 $1.30
Large (with large or button male)
$1.51 $1.41 $1.30 $1.20 $1.15
Junior (button male only)
$1.25 $1.15 $1.04 $1.04 $0.99
Mini Round (button male only)
$0.75 $0.75 $0.70 $0.70 $0.70

Electronic ID (RFID)

Radio Frequency ID
1-49 50-99 100-499 500-1,999 2,000+
$2.55 $2.45 $2.34 $2.24 $2.09

Farm Customized ID Tag
(same customization on all tags)

Maxi (with large or button male)
1-49 50-99 100-499 500-1,999 2,000+
$1.93 $1.82 $1.62 $1.46 $1.36
Large (with large or button male)
$1.72 $1.62 $1.41 $1.25 $1.20

Individual Animal Customized ID Tag
(customized for an individual calf)

Maxi (with large or button male)
1-19 20+
$1.93 $1.72
Large (with large or button male)
$1.72 $1.51


840 Combination Inventory Tags
Pricing Effective January 1, 2020

Large & Large





$3.02 $2.82 $2.60 $2.40 $2.30
Large & Custom Large $3.23 $3.03 $2.71 $2.45 $2.35
Maxi & Maxi $3.44 $3.24 $3.02 $2.82 $2.60
Maxi & Custom Maxi $3.65 $3.44 $3.13 $2.87 $2.66
Jr & Large $2.76 $2.56 $2.34 $2.24 $2.14
Jr & Custom Large $2.97 $2.77 $2.45 $2.29 $2.19
Jr & Maxi $2.97 $2.77 $2.55 $2.45 $2.29
Jr & Custom Maxi $3.18 $2.97 $2.66 $2.50 $2.35
Mini Round & Large $2.26 $2.16 $2.00 $1.90 $1.85
Mini Round & Custom Large $2.47 $2.37 $2.11 $1.95 $1.90
Mini Round & Maxi $2.47 $2.37 $2.21 $2.11 $2.00
Mini Round & Custom Maxi $2.68 $2.57 $2.32 $2.16 $2.06
Mini Round & 2 Maxi $4.19 $3.99 $3.72 $3.52 $3.30
Large & Maxi $3.23 $3.03 $2.81 $2.61 $2.45
840 RFID & Large $4.06 $3.86 $3.64 $3.44 $3.24
840 RFID & Custom Large $4.27 $4.07 $3.75 $3.49 $3.29
840 RFID & Maxi $4.27 $4.07 $3.85 $3.65 $3.39
840 RFID & Custom Maxi $4.48 $4.27 $3.96 $3.70 $3.45
840 RFID & 2 Large $5.57 $5.27 $4.94 $4.64 $4.39
840 RFID & 2 Custom Large $5.99 $5.69 $5.16 $4.74 $4.49
840 RFID & 2 Maxi $5.99 $5.69 $5.36 $5.06 $4.69
840 RFID & 2 Custom Maxi $6.41 $6.09 $5.58 $5.16 $4.81

All combinations will have an official 840 Tag with
the remaining tags as corresponding inventory tags


For official 840 tags, only standard print size is available.


   Herd Classification Participation Program Fees


Click to view larger/printable version


   Classification Contracting

Herds classifying at least three times annually may benefit by contracting their classification. A 10% discount to the herd's annual classification costs is applied at the completion of the contract. Holstein COMPLETESM herds are eligible for this program, with the 10% discount applying to the two classification not included as a part of COMPLETE.

  • Enroll by November 10 for contract classifications in the next calendar year.
  • Applicant must specify (at the time of enrollment) which months classifications are desired.
  • See above for area and non-area classification pricing. At the completion of the contract,
    a 10% discount will be applied to the total cost of the classifications.
   Special Service Fees

  Special Service Fee
  If no scheduling request is made or a scheduling request made at the time of application is met, and a subsequent request for an additional schedule change is made. $100
  Applicant requesting and receiving a time of day change, but not a date change and the change requires rescheduling other herds. $75
  Herds necessitating a move to another classifier's schedule in order to accommodate their request for a scheduling change. $150
Holstein Association Membership
Types of Membership

  Annual Adult Membership....................................................................... $40.00
  Junior Membership (one-time fee)........................................................
up to 21 years of age
pdf Adult Membership Application                    pdf Junior Membership Application
Genetic Information
   Official Holstein Pedigrees

  5-Generation $15.00
  Standard Format Internet Pedigrees $3.00
  PDF Format Internet Pedigrees $5.00
  Additional Second Copies
Legalization and certification fees by Notary, Secretary of State and/or Consulate for export shipment to select countries are additional.
  Classification Update Pedigrees.
Produced after classification scores are processed and put on Association files. Owner may specify type or production criteria to initiate pedigree update.
  Lactation Update Pedigrees
Herd must be enrolled in TriStar. Owner may specify type or production criteria to initiate pedigree update.
  Three-Generation Pedigree at time of ID $2.50
  Cow Family Performance Summary
Includes type and production performance of cow, dam, offspring, and maternal sibs, along with a 3-generation pedigree.
   Production & Type Inquiry

  for each animal requested $2.00
   Progeny Inquiries
  Per Sire or Dam $2.00
  Plus Per Offspring Listed $0.50
   Locator ListTM
  Top 5,000 CTPISM Cows $1000.00
  Additional Copies of Book $110.00
  Individual State Listing, Printed $75.00
  Top 10,000 CTPISM Cows $2000.00
   High Ranking Sire Report
  First-Class Mail $10.00
  Online FREE
  Fax $20.00
   Holstein Type & Production Sire Summaries
  Red Book subscription per issue. Published three times per year in
April, August and December.
  Per Issue Per Year  
Regular $25 $75  
Discounted* $20 $60  
$40 $120  

Volume discounts available on shipments of 10 or more books.
Additional charge for express mail services.

*Discount available for customers enrolled in TriStar Premier or Deluxe service
options or classification.

  Producers have three options for TriStar

  arrowCUSTOM - $20.00/year    
  Addition to lifetime totals to U.S. animals $3.00/record  
  Canadian records added to pedigree $5.00/animal  
  Genetic Herd Report $10.00  
  Young Stock Report $10.00  
  Lactation Average Report $10.00  
  arrowDELUXE - $20.00/year plus 15¢ cow/month    
  Canadian records added to pedigree $5.00/animal  
  Genetic Herd Report $10.00  
  Young Stock Report
$10.00 or $15/report, updated twice a year  
  Lactation Average Report
  • Cows eligible for Locator List
  • Lifetime Production Certificates
  • Herd eligible for recognition/awards
  arrowPREMIER - $30.00/year plus 25¢ cow/month  
  • All reports included in the fee
  • Cows eligible for Locator List
  • Herd eligible for recognition/awards
  • Lifetime Production Certificates
Other TriStar Services

  TriStar Lactation Pedigree Service $4.00  
  First Year in TriStar Pedigrees $3.00  
Internet Product Pricing
  Standard Format Internet Pedigrees $3.00  
  PDF Format Pedigrees
PDF Pedigrees have the Holstein Association USA logo.
  Sire Summaries Online
Free to Sire Summaries subscribers
  Cow Quest
List the daughters which meet your criteria of a bull of your choice or one of the Top 100 TPI® bulls.
  Top 5,000 CTPISM cows
Top 10,000 CTPISM cows
Download a file of the top cows of the breed to load into your choice of spreadsheet or database.

  U.S. Fact Sheet $2.00
  Young Stock Search
List the offspring which meet your criteria of a bull of your choice or one of the Top 100 TPI bulls.
  Available Bull Population
All Active and Limited bulls with type or production evaluation as well as Inactive bulls with reliability of 95% from last 20 years.
  Red Book Plus/MultiMateTM

  Annual Subscription
CD mailed out three times per year
  Individual update downloaded from web site
Available in April, August and December
  Classification Files
PC Data Files

  Customized Animal Data
ASCII file of up to 1,000 animals
  For each additional 1,000 animals $100.00  
  Classification on Diskette
ASCII file only

  Electronic Application System - Program FREE  
Customized Animal Screening

  Per criteria $50.00  
  First 500 animals $300.00  
  Each additional 500 animals $50.00  
Other Services

  Clerical Charge
Labor and Materials/hour
  Fax Charge
$10.00 minimum
per page
Consulting Services

  Hourly Consulting Fee
  Animal Marketing Fee