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Start-Up Program

Using the Start-Up program, any Holstein animal with an unregistered parent, including one whose lineage traces to a registered ancestor, can be registered with the highest possible %RHA.

This fulfills the program's objective of creating a true RHA herdbook that reflects an animal's lineage to the extent possible without compromising the integrity of the registry records.

When an application for registration of a calf from an unregistered dam is submitted and the dam's USDA eartag or American ID number is provided, an automatic computer search of the industry database is performed.

This search will identify and register any ancestors found and calculate the appropriate %RHA of the subject animal and its ancestors. If the subject animal's lineage traces to 100%RHA ancestors, the subject animal and its ancestors will be registered at 100%RHA.

It is important to note that the fee to register an animal using the Start-Up program includes the registration of all ancestors found by the Start-Up search. Certificates of registration will not be issued for ancestors; ancestors
also will not:
  • have performance information printed on an Official Holstein Pedigree™ or similar lineage document;
  • be eligible for herd classification, TriStar, recognition programs, shows, etc., regardless of the %RHA;
  • have Genetic Values published.

To elevate the status of a registered ancestor, thus permitting full program eligibility and addition of performance information to a pedigree of a register ancestor, a standard application for registration must be submitted. The fee per animal is $10 for a national member and $20 for a non-member. If an application for transfer is required, the regular fee schedule will apply.

No guarantee can be provided regarding the number of generations that will be linked as a result of the Start-Up search. If, after registering an animal, the owner has reason to believe the %RHA should be higher, he or she should contact the Holstein Association to identify the conflict and decide on the best course of action for its resolution.

The Start-Up fee schedule is as follows:


 Calves < 3 months

 Calves 3 months or above


 National Members






Certificates: Certificates of Registration and Official Holstein Pedigrees™ will contain the %RHA. However, all certificates that have been issued will be honored, and producers are not required to obtain a new one unless they would like the %RHA displayed.

Even if you don't plan on selling any animals, the extra dollar value in Registered Holsteins® is building your herd's net worth, today and for the future.