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2020 Press Releases

Official information generated by Holstein Association USA that is released to industry publications
and media outlets.

For further information contact:
Communications, Holstein Association USA

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July 2020
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  red bullet 2021 Holstein USA Delegate Election Underway
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Honors Outstanding Junior Breeders
  red bullet Holstein Marketplace Sires Seeking Potential New Bulls
  red bullet Outstanding Youth Recognized as Holstein Distinguished Junior Members
June 2020
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  red bullet Holstein Association USA Adds Monthly Classification and Production Record Lists to Web Site
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Presents James and Nina Burdette the 2020 Elite Breeder Award
  red bullet Patsy Gifford Receives Holstein Association USA's 2020 Distinguished Leadership Award
  red bullet Wisconsinites Kurt and Sarah Loehr Honored as Holstein Association USA's 2020 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeders
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Research Grant Program Seeking Applications
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Names 2020 Elite Performers
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Honors 2019 Herds of Excellence
  red bullet Wisconsin Cow Named 2019 Star of the Breed
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Virtual Meeting Slated for June 25
May 2020
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  red bullet Three New Bulls Available Through Holstein Marketplace Sires
April 2020
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  red bullet 2020 National Holstein Convention
March 2020
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  red bullet Applicants Sought for Holstein Association USA Junior Advisory Committee
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Adjusts TPI® Formula
January 2020
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  red bullet 2020 Holstein Association USA Judges Conference to be held in California
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Announces New Hire and Promotions within Team
  red bullet Holstein Association USA Updates Junior Transfer Deadline
  red bullet USDA Halts Animal ID Plan
  red bullet HAUSA Hosts Free Robotic Milking Seminar

2021 Holstein USA Delegate Election Underway

Brattleboro, Vt., July 31, 2020 — Holstein Association USA's 2021 delegate election process is currently underway. Each year, members have the opportunity to nominate members from their state to serve as voting delegates at the following year's Holstein Association USA Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the National Holstein Convention.

The 2021 Annual Meeting will be held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, June 23 - 24.

Important Deadlines

Here are the important deadlines to take into account:

August 1 - Nominating petitions mailed to members
September 25 - Nominating petitions must be received by Holstein Association USA
October 9 - Deadline for nominees to withdraw names from the ballot
November 1 - Ballots mailed to members
December 31 - Ballots must be received by Holstein Association USA
February 1, 2021 - 2021 delegate election finalized

Typically, members become ineligible to serve as a delegate after serving as a delegate at three consecutive Annual Meetings. With the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Meeting, that requirement will be waived and all members will be eligible to be nominated and serve as a delegate.

With questions about the Holstein Association USA delegate process, contact Jodi Hoynoski at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261 or by email.

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Holstein Association USA Honors Outstanding Junior Breeders

Brattleboro, Vt., July 27, 2020 — Holstein Association USA recognized several Junior members who have bred and own exceptional Holstein cattle. The awards, based on both conformation and milk production, are designed to reward, and encourage Junior members to continue their excellent Registered Holstein® breeding programs. All eligible cows are automatically screened for these awards on an annual basis.

National Junior Star Performer Award

The National Star Performer Award recognizes well-rounded Holstein cows with exceptional milk and component production, as well as admirable classification scores. The cow must be bred and still currently owned by their Junior Holstein breeder; have an RHA of at least 87 percent; be enrolled in Holstein Association USA's TriStarSM production records program; have a 305-day or less lactation completed in the last calendar year of at least 25,000 pounds milk; and be classified Very Good-85 or higher. Once the eligible cows are determined, they are ranked based on a formula: (Combined ME Fat and Protein + Age Adjusted Classification Score) x (Breed Average ME CFP/Breed Average Age Adjusted Score). Annually, ten cows are recognized with this honor, with the highest-ranking cow being designated as the National Junior Star Performer.

The 2019 National Junior Star Performer is MIKELHOLM ATWOOD BOUNCER owned by Emily Mikel of N.Y. Bouncer is classified Excellent-92, and calving in at 3-11, has a 305-day production record of 30,840 pounds of milk, with 1,665 pounds of fat and 934 pounds of protein.

Continuing, the top 10 winners of this esteemed award for 2019 are:

2nd place: T-SPRUCE RAGER 9384-RED, owned by Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes, Minn.
3rd place: RUMMAGE ATWOOD FAITH, owned by Ryleigh Rummage, Tenn.
4th place: SPOTLITE-J SAMMY AWNA, owned by Dyllan Klinger, Pa.
5th place: MIKELHOLM MC REAL DEAL, owned by Emily Mikel, N.Y.
6th place: T-SPRUCE BARBWIRE 9763-RED, owned by Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes, Minn.
7th place: NOR-BERT SILVER CHELSEA, owned by Dalton, Dillon & Breanne Freeman, Ind.
8th place: MIKELHOLM BEEMER MARYLOU, owned by Emily Mikel, N.Y.
9th place: SUMMERLIE DRESSER JAZEE, owned by Summer Parreira, Calif.
10th place: CONANT-ACRES DURBIN LEONA, owned by Kaicey Conant, Maine

National Cream of the Crop Award

The National Cream of the Crop Award recognizes the top 75 Junior-owned Registered Holstein cows that have produced the highest combined pounds of fat and protein during a 305-day lactation. To be eligible for this award, cows must meet the following criteria: be owned by a current Holstein Association USA Junior member; have an RHA of at least 87%; be enrolled in the TriStar production records program; and have a 305-day or less record of over 30,000 pounds of milk completed during the calendar year, with the entire lactation being completed while the animal is under youth ownership. Once the pool of eligible cows is determined, cows are ranked on total pounds of fat and protein produced during the lactation.

First place in the 2019 Cream of the Crop award is SHOW-MAR GINGERSNAP 1304-ET owned by Dylan Brantner of Pennsylvania. Gingersnap is classified Excellent-94, and calving in at 6-08, had a 305-day production record of 49,320 pounds of milk, with 2,004 pounds of fat and 1,416 pounds of protein.

Rounding out the top 10 Cream of the Crop winners for 2019 are:

2nd place: SHOW-MAR DIAMOND 1357, owned by Dylan Brantner, Pa.
3rd place: SHOW-MAR WOODEN PENNY 1356, owned by Wesley Brantner, Pa.
4th place: FOXBERRY GC MINDFUL 974-ET, owned by Kyle Vanderfeltz, Pa.
5th place: U-CE-A ABILITY LIABLE, owned by Christina Buttles, Wis.
6th place: TRULEA TYLER-P 9727, owned by Tyler True, N.Y.
7th place: U-CE-A LADD LAROUX-RED, owned by Christina Buttles, Wis.
8th place: LYLEHAVEN DELTA SHASTA, owned by Braeden Johnson, N.Y.
9th place: PICKIN-RUN MIKE GIDGET, owned by Amber Pownall, Pa.
10th place: MOORCLOSE ATWOOD WREN, owned by Kyle Vanderfeltz, Pa.

National Junior 150,000 Pound Lifetime Production Award

Junior members who own a cow which has produced over 150,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime are eligible to earn the National 150,000 Pound Cow award. This year's honorees are Allison Breunig, Wis.; Tabitha Mills, Pa.; Collin Wille, Wis.; and Lydia Young, N.Y.

National Junior 200,000 Pound Lifetime Production Award

The National 200,000 Pound Cow award honors youth owning a cow who has produced 200,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime, entirely under the ownership of the youth. Receiving the award this year are Samantha Gambonini, Calif.; and Benjamin Kronberg, Wis.

Other recognition Holstein Association USA Junior members can achieve include the National Junior Breeder of an Excellent Cow Award, which was awarded to 128 cows owned by 127 different Junior members this year, and the National Junior Breeder of a Multiple "E" Cow Award, which recognized 31 cows owned by 29 different Junior members.

Find complete lists of all Junior award honorees at, under Junior Awards-Cows in the main menu.

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Holstein Marketplace Sires Seeking Potential New Bulls

Brattleboro, Vt., July 13, 2020 — Holstein Marketplace Sires, which provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their own genetics, is seeking potential new bulls for their line-up. Under the program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates marketing and sales.

Ideal candidates are genomic tested bulls with strong genetic merit, deep maternal pedigrees, and free of haplotypes impacting fertility and any other undesirable genetic conditions. Holstein breeders with interest in submitting a bull for consideration should contact Jodi Hoynoski (by email or 800.952.5200 ext. 4261) with the bull’s name and registration number by August 1.

To see the strong line-up of Holstein Marketplace Sires available today, visit The site features complete pedigree and genetic information with many generations of photos from their maternal lines, and commentary from the bull owners.

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Outstanding Youth Recognized as Holstein Distinguished Junior Members

Brattleboro, Vt., July 1, 2020 — Holstein Association USA recently recognized six finalists as 2020 National Distinguished Junior Members (DJM) during a Facebook Live event on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. This award is the highest honor given to members of the National Junior Holstein Association, ages 17 to 21, in recognition of a commitment to the Holstein breed and involvement in a variety of agriculture related activities.

The finalists for this year's Distinguished Junior Member competition are Todd Allen, Jefferson, Md.; Matthew Boop, Millmont, Pa.; Kristen Burkhardt, Fowlerville, Mich.; Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill.; Mason Jauquet, Pulaski, Wis., and Emily Mikel, Stafford, N.Y.

"The Distinguished Junior Member contest has been held since 1922 and is the longest running Holstein youth program. The award recognition is coveted by Junior members working with Registered Holsteins® and participating in our programs across the country," stated Kelli Dunklee, Holstein Association USA & Holstein Foundation Program Specialist. "These outstanding dairy youth are incredible individuals, leaders and role models for the dairy industry."

Applicants completed two judging phases. Phase one, the Junior's entry book, is worth 60 percent of the final score. The book highlights the Junior's Holstein work, activities and projects, breeding program and personal views. The top 12 individuals based on their book score are named DJM Semifinalists.

Next, the twelve semifinalists are interviewed by a committee of judges, with the interview accounting for 40 percent of their final score. The six individuals with the highest combined scores are named Distinguished Junior Member Finalists and receive an annual renewed Holstein Association USA membership.

2020 Young Distinguished Junior Members (YDJM)

Eight young people were selected as finalists in the 2020 Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) contest and were recognized during a Facebook Live event on July 1, 2020. YDJM applicants are judged on similar criteria as the Distinguished Junior Member contest, but do not complete the interview phase. Junior members ages 9 to 16 are eligible to apply for the YDJM recognition.

The Young Distinguished Junior Members for 2020 are: Colton Brandel, Lake Mills, Wis.; Rachel Craun, Mount Crawford, Vir.; Nevin Erbsen, Lanark, Ill.; Natalie Fredericks, Little Falls, N.Y.; Jacob Harbaugh, Marion, Wis.; Jacob Raber, Gridley, Ill.; Naomi Scott, Westgate, Iowa and Gabriella Taylor, Newark, N.Y.

For more information about Holstein Association USA’s youth programs, visit

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Holstein Association USA Adds Monthly Classification and Production Record Lists to Web Site

Brattleboro, Vt., June 29, 2020 — Holstein Association USA has added two new features to the web site to help recognize outstanding Registered Holstein® cows and the people who breed them. New links have been added under the Popular Lists section on the Holstein Association USA homepage for Monthly Classification Summaries and 40,000+ Pound Production Records.

“With so many industry events being postponed or cancelled this year due to COVID-19, Association staff wanted to come up with new ways to help acknowledge the great achievements our members are continuing to attain with their Registered Holsteins,” said Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA Executive Director of Genetic Services. “We think these new reports will be of great interest to many and will showcase thousands of animals each month.”

On the Monthly Classification Summaries page, viewers will find lists by month of any cow who classified Very Good-85 or higher in that month, including cows who received a Multiple E designation, regardless of age. The report lists the animals' names, age at time of classification, final score, sire name, owner name and owner state, and the report is sortable and searchable.

The 40,000+ Pound Production Records page is similar but includes all cows who have a completed lactation record of at least 40,000 pounds of milk that was received in the given month. The report lists the animals' names, age at the start of lactation, milk, fat and protein information, sire name, owner name and owner state. The report is sortable and searchable.

For both new features, reports are available from January 2020 through present. The lists will be updated each month after classification and production record files are received and processed for the month.  

To view these new reports, navigate to, find the Popular Lists section at the lower left of the homepage, and you will find them both listed in that menu.

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Holstein Association USA Presents James and Nina Burdette the 2020 Elite Breeder Award

James and Nina BurdetteBrattleboro, Vt., June 25, 2020 —The 2020 Holstein Association USA Elite Breeder award winners are James and Nina Burdette of Windy Knoll View Farm in Mercersburg, Pa. The Windy Knoll View prefix is synonymous with Registered Holsteins® with outstanding conformation. For the past 44 years, breeding upstanding, strong cattle, with deep maternal and paternal lines, has been the focus of Registered Holsteins for the Burdettes.

The path the Burdettes chose to develop their outstanding herd of Holsteins was very unique. They started with a group of cows with nondescript pedigrees and bred them to develop several great cow families that are internationally known.

Their farm has always been a smaller breeder herd, 50 cows for the first 35 years, cared for by their own family labor, with minimal part time outside help. With careful breeding, they developed several notable cow families that transmitted generation to generation.

Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala was a tremendous brood cow for the Burdette family and the “P family” is known around the world. Tracing down to her great grand-daughter, Panini, through daughter Promis and granddaughter Pledge, you will find classification scores of Excellent 94, then three generations in a row of Excellent 95. The latest three generations were all nominated All-American in milking form. Among Pala, Promis and Pledge, you will find a combined 54 Excellent daughters.

The Burdettes certainly accomplished their plan to breed high type, balanced cows, with high production and they never wavered from that goal. As a result, Windy Knoll View cattle have been in demand as bull mothers as well as elite show cattle and have had a positive impact on Holstein genetics around the globe.

About the Award  

The award recognizes a Holstein breeder who bred outstanding animals, making a notable contribution to the advancement of the Holstein breed in the United States.

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Patsy Gifford Receives Holstein Association USA's 2020 Distinguished Leadership Award

Patricia GiffordBrattleboro, Vt., June 25, 2020 — The 2020 Distinguished Leadership Award honoree is Patricia Gifford of Groton, N.Y. Patsy’s unselfish leadership has motivated young Holstein enthusiasts to set goals, achieve them, and work to create new ones. Simply put, she inspires others to be good human beings.

Patsy’s intrinsic love and support for the Registered Holstein® cow and the dairy industry are evident to those who know her. Patsy became the first woman to classify cattle for the Holstein Association USA.

For Patsy, classifying cattle seemed to be an almost natural and deep-seated talent. She was on the road for nearly two decades scoring thousands of cattle, all the while explaining her decisions with great satisfaction from those whose cattle she was evaluating.

This Holstein enthusiast is a role model to many young people who are finding their way in the dairy industry. She has a knack for putting the right people together and encourages them to stay engaged.

After her career of classifying cattle for the Holstein Association USA, Patsy became the Executive Director of the New York Holstein Association. She had the vision for, secured, and executed the creation of the New York Holstein Reserve Fund. Since its inception, the fund has helped to ensure the long-term success of the New York Holstein Association.

Whether working on a dairy farm classifying cattle, or working in the office, Gifford always approached her career with enthusiasm and commitment. Farm families with whom she worked over the years consider Patsy their cheerleader, confidant, and trusted advisor.

About the Award

This award recognizes an individual who has made a career of providing outstanding and unselfish leadership for the betterment of the dairy industry.

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Wisconsinites Kurt and Sarah Loehr Honored as Holstein Association USA's 2020 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeders

Sarah and Kurt LoehrBrattleboro, Vt., June 25, 2020 — Kurt and Sarah Loehr of Eden, Wisconsin are the winners of the 2020 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder award. The Loehrs’ cattle are registered under the Forest-Ridge prefix.

The prefix had humble beginnings in 2003, just before the couple met and started farming together. Sarah has strong Registered Holstein® roots as National DJM semi-finalist and brought Kurt along on a journey that has established them as a well-respected name in Registered Holstein circles.

Kurt and Sarah married in 2010 and took over the farm a year later. Today, the Loehr’s 92-cow herd has a Rolling Herd Average of 23,289 pounds of milk, 929 pounds of fat, and 738 pounds of protein. Kurt and Sarah’s herd currently consists of 21 Excellent and 46 Very Good cows with an impressive 110.7 BAA, making them one of the top 100 BAA herds in the country. With a passion for the show ring, they also have claimed three All-American nominations, and five Red and White All-American nominations.

Kurt and Sarah breed for high type with good feet and legs, excellent udders, dairy strength and wide rumps. With a quarter of their income from cattle sales, they breed cattle that can thrive in any type of dairy operation.

They also lease show calves to area youth. They say, “We want our genetics to excel for others, whether that is a youth show calf or a milk cow sold to a repeat buyer.”

Both Kurt and Sarah are active as youth activity volunteers, event organizers, and Kurt currently serves on the Wisconsin Holstein Association board of directors. They have two young daughters, Adella and Ainsley.

About the Award  

The Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder award recognizes significant accomplishments of young Registered Holstein® breeders for their commitment to preserving the dairy industry and for achieving excellence in their daily lives.

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Holstein Association USA Research Grant Program Seeking Applications

Brattleboro, Vt., June 15, 2020 — Holstein Association USA’s mission is to provide leadership, information, and services to help members and dairy producers worldwide be successful. To further that mission, Holstein Association USA invites research proposals with expected outcomes to benefit the profitability from Holstein cattle. Research may involve traditional production disciplines of genetics, nutrition, or reproduction as well as dairy foods or economics. Principal investigators at United States universities or non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for grant funds. The deadline to submit proposals is August 15, 2020.

Supporting research is a top priority for Holstein Association USA, the world’s largest dairy breed association. Dr. Roger Shanks, dairy genetics consultant, explains. "I’m excited about the research program that Holstein Association USA has ongoing," Shanks says. "We are getting into our fourth request for proposals this year. The overall objective of the whole program is really to try to increase the amount of research that’s done on Holstein cows, so we can then help Holstein members be able to implement and take advantage of those research results as they come along."

Holstein Association USA is particularly interested in research that advances the profitability and health of Holstein cattle through genetics, but proposals researching other areas of improvement are also invited. Research on the economic benefits of Holstein cows or their products are welcome as well.  Research funded with HAUSA grants are expected to be innovative, exploratory and based on sound science. Research proposals of all sizes will be considered, but Holstein grants are expected to be funded within the range of $10,000 to $80,000 per year. Grant durations are expected to be one to three years.

Holstein Association USA has funded three projects to date. One at North Carolina State University looking at how genomic information can be used to manage inbreeding; a second project at the University of California-Davis exploring the opportunity to breed Holstein cows for heat tolerance using the slick hair gene. The third project is being completed at University of Wisconsin-Madison, researching genetic and physiological aspects of double ovulation and twinning in Holstein lactating cows. These research projects hold great potential for future progress with U.S. Registered Holsteins.

More details about the grant guidelines and process can be found on the Holstein Association USA website, With questions or for more information, contact Holstein Association USA dairy genetics consultant Dr. Roger Shanks, by email.

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Holstein Association USA Names 2020 Elite Performers

Brattleboro, Vt., June 15, 2020 — Holstein Association USA’s Elite PerformerTM recognition is given to cows that any dairyman would love to milk - cows with desirable conformation, who calve in consistently and produce high volumes of milk components. In the award's seventh year, 330 cows have earned National Elite Performer honors, and 324 cows have been designated as Regional Elite Performers.

For a cow to qualify for the Elite Performer recognition, cows must meet the following criteria to be considered: complete at least three lactations in a herd participating in Holstein Association USA's TriStarSM program, completing the most recent lactation in the previous calendar year; be classified Very Good-85 or higher; and be at least 87% Registered Holstein Ancestry.

Eligible cows across the country are then ranked based on pounds of combined fat and protein per day in milk. The top one percent receive the National Elite Performer award. Those National Elite Performers are then removed from consideration and the top one percent of eligible cows from each of the nine regions are honored as Regional Elite Performers. Elite Performer recognition is a lifetime award. The cut-off for combined pounds of fat and protein produced per day in milk for the National Elite Performer list was 8.23. The highest ranking 2020 National Elite Performer cow produced an incredible 11.84 pounds of fat and protein per day in milk.

The 330 National Elite Performers are owned by 78 different breeders from 14 different states. The 324 Regional Elite Performers are owned by 162 different breeders from 23 different states, and the regional counts break down as follows: Region 1 (NY & the New England states) - 47 cows; Region 2 (DE, MD, NJ, PA, & WV) - 54 cows; Region 3 (MI, OH, IL, & IN) ? 37 cows); Region 4 (Southeastern states) - 10 cows; Region 5 (WI) ? 90 cows; Region 6 (IA, MN, ND, NE, & SD) - 32 cows; Region 7 (AR, KS, MO, NM, OK, & TX) - 12 cows; Region 8 (CO, ID, MT, OR, UT, WA, & WY) - 13 cows; and Region 9 (AZ, CA, & NV) - 29 cows.

You can view a complete list of both National and Regional Elite Performer honorees at, then click on Awards in the main menu, and select the Elite Performer tab.

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Holstein Association USA Honors 2019 Herds of Excellence

Brattleboro, Vt., June 12, 2020 — Holstein Association USA is proud to recognize 11 herds as 2019 Herds of Excellence. This coveted honor has been presented since 2008, and honors Registered Holstein® breeders who have developed herds excelling in both milk production and conformation at the most elite levels.

The award is divided into three herd size divisions, based on the number of cows included in the herds’ milk production averages. The divisions are: 10 to 99 cows; 100 to 499 cows; and 500+ cows. To be recognized as a Herd of Excellence, a herd must have classified within the last year, and have an age-adjusted average classification score (AACS) of 83 points or higher; have at least 70 percent of the herd homebred; and be enrolled in the Association's TriStarSM production records program. Additionally, qualifying herds must meet the following production criteria:

    · 10 to 99 cows - 25 percent above breed average ME for milk, fat and protein
    · 100 to 499 cows - 20 percent above breed average ME for milk, fat and protein
    · 500+ cows - 15 percent above breed average ME for milk, fat and protein
This year’s honorees are:

Small Herd Size Division (10-99 Cows)

B-Long Holsteins — Bruce, Brenda & Bret Long, New London, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 87.7 points
ME Production Averages — 36,330M 1,407F 1,136P

Doorco Holsteins — Dan & Julie Vandertie, Brussels, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 88.8 points
ME Production Averages — 34,525M 1,377F 1,055P

Ever-Green-View Holsteins, LLC — The Kestell Family, Waldo, Wis.
96.8% homebred; AACS — 88.2 points
ME Production Averages — 38,924M 1,516F 1,175P

Hill-Ton Holsteins — The Hamilton Family, Cuba City, Wis.
95.8% homebred; AACS — 87.0 points
ME Production Averages — 36,229M 1,361F 1,101P

Hilrose Holsteins — Joseph A. Brantmeier, Sherwood, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 89.3 points
ME Production Averages — 35,186M 1,349F 1,062P

Spruce-Hill Holsteins — Mike & Margaret Raleigh, Elmwood, Wis.
75% homebred; AACS — 84.5 points
ME Production Averages — 34,544M 1,379F 1,092P

Medium Herd Size Division (100-499 Cows)

Koepke Farms Inc. — The Koepke Family, Oconomowoc, Wis.
100% homebred; AACS — 84.4 points
ME Production Averages — 34,021M 1,391F 1,012P

Koester Dairy Inc. — The Koester Family, Dakota, Ill.
97.2% homebred; AACS — 85.1 points
ME Production Averages — 33,634M 1,358F 1,056P

Large Herd Size Division (500+ Cows)

Bomaz Inc. — The Zwald Family, Hammond, Wis.
98.7% homebred; AACS — 85.1 points
ME Production Averages — 31,870M 1,310F 1,026P

Dinomi Holsteins — The Migliazzo Family, Atwater, Calif.
97.8% homebred; AACS — 83.2 points
ME Production Averages — 32,194M 1,221F 1,031P

Siemers Holstein Farms Inc. — The Siemers Family, Newton, Wis.
98.3% homebred; AACS — 85.1 points
ME Production Averages — 36,888M 1,508F 1,098P

Profiles of these impressive herds can be found in the Spring 2020 issue of The Pulseavailable at under the Latest News tab.

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Wisconsin Cow Named 2019 Star of the Breed

Brattleboro, Vt., June 12, 2020 — Ocean-View Sterling Silver, bred and owned by Ocean View Genetics, Daryl and Pam Nunes in Deerfield, Wis., has earned the honor of being named Holstein Association USA’s 2019 Star of the Breed.

The Star of the Breed recognition is given annually to one Registered Holstein® cow that exemplifies outstanding milk production combined with exceptional conformation. To be eligible for the Star of the Breed award, a cow must place in the top five in her class at a National Show, be in a herd enrolled in the TriStarSM program and have an official classification score. Once eligible cows are determined, a calculation is done using the cows’ combined mature equivalent fat and protein and age adjusted classification score to determine the top cow.

Silver is classified Excellent-94 2E, and completed her most recent 365-day lactation, calving in at five years and seven months of age with 58,330 pounds of milk, 2,419 pounds of fat and 1,640 pounds of protein. She was the fourth place 150,000 Pound Lifetime Production Cow at the 2019 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show.

Sired by Regancrest S Braxton-ET, Silver traces back to one of the foundation cows of Ocean View, Ideograph Burkgov Steps. She completes 13 generations of Excellent and Very Good dams, with her nearest three dams being Ocean-View Zenith Sassy EX-90, Ocean-View Starlet Sassy EX-93 3E and Ocean-View Benefit Sassy EX-91 2E.

According to Daryl and Pam Nunes, Silver represents and pays tribute to the breeding philosophy that Daryl’s father, Marvin, started at Ocean View. Namely, silky, dairy cows that work hard and possess outstanding individuality with depth of pedigree. “We feel that today the art of breeding is getting lost in our industry and it’s easy to forget about the balanced cow,” they said. “We don’t look at proof numbers, we look at what a bull is making for daughters, what his cow family did and what a cow is doing in our herd. When you have worked with cow families over the generations, this one for over 50 years, you gain an insight as to how they breed. Balanced cows are our goal- cows that milk, last and look great doing it!”

An in-depth profile of this impressive cow can be found in the Spring 2020 issue of The Pulse, available at under the Latest News tab.

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Holstein Association USA Virtual Meeting Slated for June 25

Brattleboro, Vt., June 5, 2020 — Holstein Association USA, Inc. will host a Virtual Member Update Meeting Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It will feature the President’s Address, CEO’s State of the Association Address, and the 2019 Financial Report. Details on how to register for the webinar will be posted on

The virtual format comes as the traditional face-to-face Annual Meeting has been postponed until 2021, when the National Convention will be held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This decision was made by the board of directors because of the unprecedented conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO John Meyer states, "The current environment provides a unique opportunity to update the dairy community on the good things that are happening at the Holstein Association USA. We invite you to join us June 25th." 

Further updates on the Holstein Association Virtual Member Update Meeting on June 25th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time will be posted at

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Three New Bulls Available Through Holstein Marketplace Sires

Brattleboro, Vt., May 27, 2020 — Three new bulls have recently been launched through the Holstein Marketplace Sire program, managed by Holstein Services, Inc. Introduced in January 2019, Holstein Marketplace Sires provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their genetics. Under the program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates marketing and sales.

Visit to view complete pedigree and genetic information on these three new bulls, and the five other bulls currently available. The site features many generations of photos from their maternal lines, and commentary from the bull owners.

New Releases

RASBERRY CRSBL RIP CITY-ET712HO01006 RASBERRY CRSBL RIP CITY-ET, owned by Karl & Donna Hale, Cloverdale, Ore. RIP CITY is sired by OH-River-Syc Crushabull-ET, out of a Very Good-85 View-Home Monterey-ET daughter of Golden-Rose Rasberry-ET EX-91, then 17 more generations of Excellent dams behind that, tracing back to Audrey Posch EX-93 2E GMD. RIP CITY boasts impressive conformation values at +3.21 PTA Type, +2.54 Udder Composite and +1.58 Feet & Leg Composite, complemented by positive component percentages and Fertility Index values.


TERRA-LINDA RYNO-ET712HO01007 TERRA-LINDA RYNO-ET, bred and owned by Terra Linda Dairy, Tulare, Calif. RYNO is a De-Su Frazz Tahiti 14104-ET son out of a Very Good-86 Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET with a first lactation production record of over 28,750 pounds of milk, with 1,258 pounds of fat (4.4%) and 914 pounds of protein (3.2%). His next dam is an Excellent-90 Bacon-Hill Montross-ET with over 108,000 pounds of lifetime production averaging 4.0%F and 3.0%P and then through the generations goes back to Robthom Georgia Integrity EX-92 2E GMD DOM. RYNO is a well-balanced bull, coming in at +2769 GTPI®, with strong production numbers of +1,209 PTA Milk and a combined 124 pounds of PTA Fat and PTA Protein, also being Beta Casein A2/A2. RYNO is positive in his fertility traits, is +1.43 PTA Type and +1.41 Udder Composite.

OCD KENOBI FOGHAT-ET712HO01008 OCD KENOBI FOGHAT-ET, bred and owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y. FOGHAT hails from 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams, going back through the Markwell Bstar E Raven-ET EX-95 3E GMD DOM cow family. Sired by De-Su 14222 Kenobi-ET, his dam is a Pine-Tree Burley-ET daughter classified Very Good-87 as a two-year-old and working on her first lactation milk record with 4.3% fat and 3.2% protein. With a +2851 GTPI, FOGHAT brings a package of high component percentages with a combined 119 pounds of PTA Fat and PTA Protein, along with desirable health traits; +5.5 Productive Life, +1.9 Cow Livability and +2.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate.

Other bulls currently available through Holstein Marketplace Sires

  • 712HO01001 SPEEK-NJ OF DEWGOOD-ET: Franchise x VG-85 Tuffenuff x VG-87 Daddy from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET EX-92 cow family, backed by 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams. +2549 GTPI with favorable fertility (1.0 Fertility Index), calving ease (6.6.% SCE) and udder conformation (+2.11 UDC); Beta Casein A2/A2 and Kappa Casein BB. Owned by Dean & Wanda Good, Oconto, Wis.
  • 712HO01002 GOLDEN-OAKS IMAX LOTTO: Imax x EX-90 Pepper x EX-91 Uno from the Comestar Laurie Sheik-ET VG-88-CAN cow family, boasting 11 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams.+2670 GTPI, over 100 pounds combined PTA Fat and PTA Protein with high component percentages (+0.15%F and +0.06%P), and desirable conformation (+1.45 PTAT and +1.38 UDC). Bred and owned by Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, Ill.
  • 712HO01003 HURTGENLEA SPLND MAURICE-ET *RC *PC: Splendid-P x VG-86 Yoder x VG-87 Supersire, seven total generations of Very Good and Excellent dams. +2589 GTPI, heterozygous polled, red carrier bull, who is Beta Casein A2/A2, with outstanding fat (+0.21%F and +81 PTA Fat) and favorable health traits (+3.3 PL and +2.9 LIV). Bred and owned by Hurtgenlea Holsteins Ltd, Elkhorn, Wis.
  • 712HO01004 TRENT-WAY-JS RODDY-ET *RC: Magictouch x VG-87 Silver x EX-90 Uno, then nine more generations of Excellent cows going back to C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97. +2584 GTPI red carrier bull with strong fertility traits (+1.4 DPR) and conformation (+1.31 PTAT and +1.63 UDC). Bred and owned by Trent Hendrickson & John Schneller, Blanchardville, Wis.
  • 712HO01005 OUR-FAVORITE CHARISMA-ET: King Doc x VG-88 Hang Time x EX-94 2E Atwood from one of Our-Favorite Holstein’s foundational cow families; 10 generations of Very Good & Excellent dams with an average classification of 91.2 points. +2536 GTPI with very strong conformation at +3.07 PTAT, +1.91 UDC, and +1.81 FLC; also, Beta Casein A2/A2 and Kappa Casein BB. Bred and owned by Our-Favorite Holsteins, Fall Creek, Wis.

All bulls offered through Holstein Marketplace Sires are free of any undesirable genetic conditions and haplotypes impacting fertility.

Purchasing semen from Holstein Marketplace Sires is simple. Order online or over the phone with your credit card and have semen shipped directly to your doorstep. Buy online by visiting, click the red “Buy Now” button, fill in number of units you would like to purchase, and check out using our secure online system. Or phone in your semen order by calling Customer Service at 800.952.5200.

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2020 National Holstein Convention

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., April 9, 2020 - "These are certainly unprecedented times. Canceling the June 2020 National Holstein Convention, set to take place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was not a matter we took lightly," said Holstein Association USA President Corey Geiger.

"We are grateful to the Pennsylvania Holstein Association's leaders who were able to work out details to host the 2021 convention at the same site next year. As last year's national convention co-chair, I truly appreciate the time, talent, and treasure that our friends from the Keystone State have placed into hosting their fellow Holstein breeders," he continued. "I personally look forward to being in Pennsylvania next year."

"At this time in which the majority of Americans are conducting only necessary functions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 and protect public health, we also must plan for the time when we focus on restoring our damaged economic health," continued the 65th president of the association. "For that reason, I am appointing a special committee to immediately study conducting the 135th Annual Meeting of the Holstein Association USA at a later date this year. This committee will focus on critical elements for both juniors and adults. The meeting will be planned and guided by the staff and directors of Holstein Association USA," continued the Mukwonago, Wis., president.

"History can be our guide on these matters. Ironically, W.S. Moscrip called the 59th Annual Convention of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America to order on June 6, 1944. That was the same day Allied Troops stormed the beaches of Normandy and began liberating Europe," recalled Geiger of the Association's history. "Dairy farmers have always been essential to our nation's health. If 98-plus-percent of delegates could gather in 1944, we can plan for a day this year that we can safely meet and conduct a no-frills, in-person annual meeting. If it is determined an in-person meeting would not be feasible under specific state and national guidelines regarding the coronavirus situation, a virtual electronic-based annual meeting will be considered," he continued. "More details will be shared at a later day as we comply with all the standards of the Association's bylaws."

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Applicants Sought for Holstein Association USA
Junior Advisory Committee

Brattleboro, Vt., March 6, 2020 — Holstein Association USA is currently seeking applicants to fill three open seats for adult representatives on the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) from Areas II, III and IV. Applications must be submitted to Holstein Association USA by April 1, 2020.

The Junior Advisory Committee is the governing body of the National Junior Holstein Association, serving as a sounding board for Junior members and advisors, and overseeing Holstein youth programs. Adult representatives bring valuable perspective and guidance to the committee. The current representatives will be completing their terms at the National Junior Holstein Convention this June in Lancaster, Pa.

Area II covers Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee; Area III covers Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin; and Area IV includes Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Representatives are eligible to serve up to two two-year terms on the JAC. The committee typically meets annually, via conference call or in-person, to discuss Junior Holstein Association matters. Attendance at the National Junior Holstein Convention is mandatory, as the committee assists with coordinating events and carrying out activities. This year's newly appointed representatives will start their official duties following the 2020 National Convention.

Ideal committee members will be knowledgeable about Junior Holstein programs; have a strong communication network with members in their designated area; must commit to attending designated JAC meetings; and must display the highest standards of ethics and commitment to youth programs.

At the National Holstein Convention this summer, elections will be held for youth JAC representatives from Area II, Area IV and an At-Large member.

Learn more about the JAC or download an application at With questions or for more information, contact Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or by email.

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Holstein Association USA Adjusts TPI® Formula

Brattleboro, Vt., March 3, 2020 — With April 2020 proofs, Holstein Association USA will make updates to the Total Performance Index® (TPI®) Formula.

The Holstein Association USA, Inc. Genetic Advancement Committee met in January 2020 to review genetic progress of the breed and analyze the current and forecasted changes in milk pricing. They identified improvements for the TPI formula and brought these recommendations to the Holstein Association USA board of directors on February 12. The new TPI formula, approved by the board of directors, will be implemented with the April 2020 genetic evaluations.

Key points are:

  1. Modify the weightings of PTA Fat and PTA Protein
    PTA Fat and PTA Protein will now receive equal weighting of 19 percent.

  2. Feed Efficiency formula is being updated
    Using the most recent economic assumptions for Cheese Merit $, based on United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) research.

  3. Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) Health traits are now included
    Health traits, developed by the CDCB, will be added: Milk Fever, Displaced Abomasum, Ketosis, Mastitis, Metritis and Retained Placenta. All traits are then combined into a Health Trait Index for an overall economic value.

  4. Desirability Curve for rear Leg SetFeet & Legs Composite (FLC)
    FLC formula is being modified to include Rear Legs — Side View as a two-way trait, having an intermediate optimum.

  5. Fertility Index will now include a new trait — Early First Calving
    Total weighting on all fertility traits remains unchanged at 13 percent of the TPI.

  6. The weighting for Productive Life will increase by 1 percent.
    The 1 percent was taken from Dairy Form.

  7. Update standard deviations for existing traits
    Standard deviations are periodically updated to reflect changes made to genetic evaluations by Holstein Association USA and the Council on Dairy Breeding.

The new April 2020 TPI® formula:

profitabilityUtilizing quality genetics is one of the best ways to lower cost of production and achieve profitability, and the new April 2020 TPI formula will help meet that goal. Based upon USDA economic values, an average daughter of a Top 100 TPI bull will generate $486 more net profit over her lifetime versus a typical daughter from an average available A.I. bull. The accompanying graph illustrates the sources of additional income. Higher production, good conformation and longer herd life, coupled with improved health, fertility and better calving are all built into the new and improved TPI formula.

For more information on the genetic evaluations, visit

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2020 Holstein Association USA Judges Conference to be held in California

Brattleboro, Vt., January 31, 2020 — Registration is now open for the Holstein Association USA 2020 Judges Conference, to be held at Maddox Dairy on Friday, March 13 in Riverdale, California.

The one-day conference will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Interested participants can register for the conference on the Holstein Association USA website with a credit card. The pre-registration fee is $50, which closes two weeks before the conference, on February 28. Late registrants and walk-ins will pay a $100 fee. To attend the conference, you must be 22 years old by the day of the conference.

Individuals on the Holstein Association USA Judges List must have attended and received a satisfactory rating at a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference within a five-year period. Those planning to apply for the list in the future must first attend and receive a satisfactory rating at a Holstein Association USA Judges Conference before submitting an application.

To register online, visit: For more information, contact Jodi Hoynoski at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261 or by email.

Visit for a list of hotel accommodations and travel information.

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Holstein Association USA Announces New Hire and Promotions within Team

Brattleboro, Vt., January 30, 2020 — Holstein Association USA is pleased to announce several updates to the Association's staff. Five staff from the Brattleboro office will be serving the Northeast and Southeast as Regional Sales Representatives in addition to their current roles and one will be in the field on a regular basis.

"This is a new exciting change to how the Holstein Association has covered the eastern regions of the country. It will allow the Holstein Association to utilize the skills and experience of some dedicated employees," states Steve Peterson, national sales manager. "It will also give our members an improved customer experience by having Regional Sales Representatives with talents gained by working with the Holstein Associations programs and services daily."

Jenna BisnettJenna Bisnett has been promoted to Customer Service Manager and a Regional Sales Representative for New Hampshire. Bisnett has been with the Association for over three years, serving as a Customer Information Specialist. In this role, she ordered genomic tests, registered animals and assisted customers with registration errors. In her new role, she will be responsible for overseeing the customer service department. She holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from SUNY-Cobleskill in agricultural business management and an Associate Degree in applied science, accounting from Hudson Valley Community College. Bisnett succeeds Louise Gleason, who recently retired after 42 years of dedicated service to the Association.

Bridget CummingsBridget Cummings has been named the Maine Regional Sales Representative. Over her past 15 years with the Association, Cummings has worked in various areas, including serving as quality assurance analyst, customer information specialist and genetic testing services analyst. She is currently the Identification Services Manager where her primary responsibilities include managing identification services staff that focuses primarily on registrations and transfers, monitoring workflow efficiency, ensuring accuracy, and overseeing all identification procedures and policies. Cummings grew up on a 70-cow Holstein farm in upstate New York. She graduated from SUNY-Morrisville where she received her degree in applied science agriculture-animal science.

Toni JacqueToni Jacque joins the Association staff as a Customer Information Specialist and a Regional Sales Representative for Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She comes to the Association with a vast background and experience in the dairy industry. Jacque is responsible for troubleshooting conflicts with registration information, ensuring that cattle records are accurate, and answering any questions customers may have about the Association. She received her Bachelor of Technology degree in animal science from SUNY-Cobleskill.

Darin JohnsonDarin Johnson is taking on the role of Regional Sales Representative for Vermont. Johnson has been with the Association for over 12 years, currently in the role of Dairy ID Programs Manager. Previously, he was the Executive Director for the Wisconsin Holstein Association and prior to that position he also served as a Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative and in the AI industry. Johnson is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in dairy science.

Chandler StevensChandler Stevens has been named the Regional Sales Representative for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Stevens has been with the Association for over three years, serving as Customer Engagement Manager, working with new customers and large herds across the country. She also served as the Association's program support specialist. Stevens holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire in dairy management.

Ross ZillesRoss Zilles joins the Association staff as a Regional Sales Representative for Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Ross has a strong dairy and sales background which he brings to the Association. His previous work included promoting and marketing Holstein genetics, and evaluating and recommending breeding strategies for two major A.I. companies. Ross received his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural education from Utah State University.

"I want to welcome these additions to our Regional Sales Representative team. I look forward to having them better serve the Holstein Association members and help grow the use of Holstein Association programs and services," says Steve Peterson.

Along with these individuals, there are fifteen additional Regional Sales Representatives representing the Association in the field. These dairy experts help producers utilize Association programs to improve their herds and increase their bottom lines. To find which Regional Sales Representative covers your area visit

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Holstein Association USA Updates Junior Transfer Deadline

Brattleboro, Vt., January 21, 2020 — Starting with the 2020 show season, Holstein Association USA has changed the Junior transfer "received by" deadline to July 15 for both heifers and cows. In order to be eligible to participate in Junior Holstein Shows, the animal must be registered in a youth’s name by July 15.

Changing the transfer deadline to July 15 puts the date more in line with all of the other dairy breed associations. Allowing Juniors an extra month and a half to purchase their show calves provides additional marketing opportunities.

"We are excited with the Junior transfer date change which allows youth more opportunities to purchase show animals later in the summer," states Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist. "It is important to remember that this change only impacts Junior Holstein Shows — 4-H and other youth shows may have different deadlines."

This is a "received by" deadline — any ownership transfer not received by the Holstein Association USA office on or before July 15 will not be eligible for Junior Holstein Shows. Adding or dropping any owner after the deadline will disqualify an animal for Junior recognition. If there is a question as to whether a Junior ownership transfer has been completed, be sure to contact the Holstein Association USA customer service or visit to check the ownership status and ensure the transfer was received before the deadline.

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USDA Halts Animal ID Plan

Brattleboro, Vt., January 17, 2020 — On October 25, 2019, USDA abruptly halted its animal ID plan, and suspended the timeline it presented earlier in the year for the transition from metal ear tags to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for cattle and bison.  That plan set January 1, 2023 as the date all animals moving interstate, and falling within certain categories, would require individual, official RFID tags. 

Although the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) implementation plan has been withdrawn, USDA acknowledges the continuing need for a national animal ID plan and encourages the use of electronic identification for animals moving interstate under the current ADT regulations. 

Holstein Association USA urges RFID tags for members that have cattle moving interstate, are merchandising or showing cattle, or have on-farm management systems that utilize RFID technology.

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Holstein Association USA Hosts Free Robotic Milking Seminar

Brattleboro, Vt., January 7, 2020 — Robotic milking systems are increasing in the United States and have the potential to transform the U.S. dairy industry. These systems are changing the way dairy producers care for their animals.

Join Holstein Association USA on January 14, 2020 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Hartford, Conn. in the Charter Oak room for a Robotic Milking seminar.

This seminar brings together experts in the field to discuss optimizing robotic milking on a dairy and explore the opportunities and challenges in this growing technology.

The Robotic Milking Seminar will be from 12:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m., lunch is included. The program includes a dairy producer panel and an industry expert panel. There is no charge for attendance.

Dairy Producer Panel
- Angie Facey, Bree-Z-Knoll Farm
- Mary Margaret Cole, University of Connecticut
- Brad Osborne, Osborne Dairy

Industry Expert Panel
- Adam Griffin, Sr. Farm Management Support Advisor at Lely
- Bill VerBoort, General Manager of AgriTech Analytics

At 10:30 a.m., Holstein Association USA will hold their 2020 Member Update Meeting, followed by lunch. All are welcome to attend starting at 10:30 a.m.

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Holstein Association USA, Inc.,, provides products and services to dairy producers to enhance genetics and improve profitability-ranging from registry processing to identification programs to consulting services.

The Association, headquartered in Brattleboro, Vt., maintains the records for Registered Holsteins
® and represents approximately 30,000 members throughout the United States.