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Like the iconic black and white cows themselves, every Registered Holstein® operation is unique. Each family is motivated by their own goals and aspirations.

Now in its sixth year, Holstein America pays tribute to dairy farmers and families from coast to coast. The program, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, shares stories of modern-day dairy production and those with a passion for Registered Holsteins.

At the heart of the program are Registered Holstein breeders, who ensure an abundance of dairy products are produced efficiently, sustainably and at the highest quality in the world.


Education in Action:
College of the Ozarks

Known as “Hard Work U,” College of the Ozarks is a unique institution where students graduate debt-free after working on-campus jobs. Take a tour around the dairy barn, where Registered Holstein cows are at the center of the classroom.

Driving Technology:
WKU SmartHolstein Lab


Tomorrow’s future begins today at the WKU SmartHolstein Lab. A collaborative effort between Holstein Association USA and Western Kentucky University, the research farm is home to leading innovations in the dairy business.

Generations Strong:
Groves View Dairy

Brad Groves and his brother, Todd, have been farming together their entire lives. A commitment to quality Registered Holstein cattle has set them up for success on their southwest Missouri dairy.

Finding a Passion:
University of Vermont

A student-run dairy herd at the University of Vermont offers a tremendous learning opportunity for those enrolled in the CREAM program – cooperative for real education in agricultural management. See how Registered Holsteins play a role in developing these young leaders, too.

A Genetics Pioneer:
Dick Witter

When Dick Witter founded Taurus Service back in the early '70s, he was on the leading edge of technology that would reshape the dairy cattle business. Learn how the AI industry continues to contribute to herds around the world.


Community & Tradition:
Parish Hill Creamery

Cheesemaker Peter Dixon has a wealth of experience turning high-quality milk into delicious cheese products. These days, he enjoys sharing that knowledge with students at the Putney School in Vermont – not far from Holstein Association USA's headquarters.

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