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Two Holsteins Create a Remarkable Herd B-Long Holsteins: An Impressive Series of Twelve “Herd of Excellence” Titles

Year in, year out, the name appears in international Holstein news: B-Long Holsteins. No less than twelve “Herd of Excellence” titles have been awarded by Holstein USA to this farm in the American state of Wisconsin. Those who arrive at the well-kept farm close to New London are then quickly impressed by the 50 Holsteins that are milked here by Bruce and Brenda Long and son Bret. Of the 50 cows, ten are EX and 30 VG, with six cows having passed 300,000 lb/136,360 kg milk, and more than 30 having surpassed 200,000 lb/90,900 kg. Yes, here indeed is a model of true excellence. And all of that, with two original cows at the foundation.

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