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Holstein Complete

Holsteins & COMPLETE...a valuable combination
It is easier than ever to take advantage of the added value of Registered Holsteins through Holstein COMPLETE - the package program offered by Holstein Association USA. Holstein COMPLETE helps producers realize value through budgeting and convenience - both beneficial on any dairy.

Holstein COMPLETE integrates registration, mating information, classification, pedigrees, genetic reports, and production records into one valuable and convenient package.

If budgeting, convenience, and Registered Holsteins are all important on your operation, then turn to Holstein COMPLETE to enhance your operation's profitability.

Is your herd COMPLETE?

If you would like more information about the Holstein COMPLETE program or would like to enroll, call customer service today at: 800.952.5200.


  Enrollment is offered exclusively on an annual (12-month) basis
  Enrollment covers animals located in a given herd as defined by DHIA and Holstein Association USA
  Discount of 3% if annual fee is paid in full upon enrollment
  A monthly payment plan is available - 25% down, then nine monthly payments.
  Products or services not covered in Holstein COMPLETE, such as an additional herd classification, are available for the regular fees.


Standard Services Included in COMPLETE:

  One National membership
  Registration of heifers less than three months of age*
  Internet Pedigrees (three generation) *
  TriStarSM Premier
  Choice of Sire Summaries™ or Red Book Plus/MultiMate™
One area classification each year (Classic, Standard or Limited)*
  *Up to the number of cows enrolled in the program.

Additional benefits for all COMPLETE members:

  For heifers tested on CLARIFIDEŽ or CLARIFIDEŽ Plus, registrations are included up to 6 months of age for no additional fees.
  Regular registration fees reduced to $10 for heifers 3-5 months of age
and to $20 for heifers 6-11 months of age
  $30 price cap on registration fees for females over 12 months of age
  Bull registration reduced to $6/bull if registered at less than 3 months of age
  Pedigrees at time of registration for $2

Annual Pricing:

  $150.00 Herd fee
  $17.00/cow for the 1st - 50th Registered Holstein® cow in the milking herd**
  $12.00/cow for the 51st- 200th Registered Holstein cow**
  $10.00/cow for the 201st - 1000th Registered Holstein cow**
  $8.00/cow for the 1,001st - 5,000th Registered Holstein cows**
  $7.00/cow for the 5,001st+ Registered Holstein cows**
  **Enrollment based on all Registered cows that have had at least one calf. No refunds.

Holstein Complete

COMPLETE + ATA Records Processing

  Combine COMPLETE with DHI records processing at AgriTech Analytics, the DRPC owned by Holstein Association USA
  ATA processing fees will be discounted by $0.02/cow/test day for each animal enrolled in Holstein COMPLETE.*
*Savings will be applied at the end of your COMPLETE enrollment year as a credit to your Holstein account.

For more information or to enroll today, contact your
Regional Sales Representative or call 800.952.5200.

Save with Holstein COMPLETE!
Click here to download the Enrollment Form today.