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Members become ineligible to serve as a delegate after serving as a delegate at three consecutive Annual Meetings. A list of Ineligible nominees for 2024 can be found below.

Name State
Mary Margaret Smith CT
Dan Moon IA
John Erbsen IL
Aaron S. Heinzman IL
John Kalmey KY
Crystal Edwards MD
Ashley Swenson MN
Beth Keene NY
Alicia Lamb NY
Joe Miley OH
Julie Renner OH
Kenneth Umble PA
Wayne Cessna PA
Reid Hoover PA
Richard Mellinger PA
Dwight Stoltzfus PA
Barry England PA
Doug Ode SD
Jeremy Daubert VA
Richard Hartzell WA
Craig Carncross WI
Kevin Jorgensen WI
Scott Pralle WI
Chad Ryan WI
Kurt Loehr WI

Learn more about the delegate election process here