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DVTAP Cow Data File

If you have identified your animals with Holstein Association USA, the DairyVision Trend Analysis ProgramTM will allow you to evaluate your herd's breeding program over the last 10 years and help you find areas of improvement which can help you make any changes needed to breed your desired cow. The Trend Analysis Program will allow you to answer questions such as:

  • Is my herd keeping up with the pace of the industry?
  • How does my herd compare to other herds?
  • Is inbreeding becoming a problem in my herd?
  • Financially, how much genetic progress am I making each year?

Beside looking at graphs and charts, the Trend Analysis Program allows you to look at individual animals and create your own cow listings.

The annual support and maintenance fee for the software is $50 and will be charged when you request your first herd data file.

System Requirements
Operating System:
Windows 98 or higher
Disk Space:
15 MB free disk space
32 MB RAM Memory
Display Setup
1024x768 pixels

Download Details
Herd File Updates:   $50.00/download
Holstein Association USA, Inc.
File Size:
4.39 MB